Work Experience πŸ‘”

2021 – Present

Software Developer at Liberty Financial

Liberty Financial is a financial services company based in Melbourne, Victoria.

  • I collaborate closely with a focused team inside a larger organization. My β€œCustomer Delight” squad is responsible for all systems that service a portfolio of billions of dollars of settled loans and other financial products.
    • I meet business goals by uplifting our borrower web portal (upgraded Angular/C# microservices, moved to Azure Blob Storage/CDN, inviting NZ customers) and supporting a new dealership inventory finance product.
    • I maintain and improve existing systems, like the batch process to change interest rates and notify customers, as well as our secure Visa network integration.
  • I find opportunities to implement systemic improvements that save time, prevent mistakes, and reduce maintenance burden, like optimizing slow database queries and giving other departments self-service tools.
  • I handle tickets from across the business during the day and support critical nightly processes after-hours.
  • I learn collaboratively with my team as our department moves toward a goal (β€œNorth Star”) of Kubernetes and F#.

2019 – 2021

Development Lead at OnQ Software

OnQ Software is a laboratory software company based in Melbourne, Victoria.

  • I developed web applications in a closely collaborative environment.
    • I led the project to build the next version of our flagship product from scratch with modern technologies (Angular, REST API, Elasticsearch).
    • I developed the new AWS cloud infrastructure and DevOps workflow.
    • I maintained our legacy ASP.NET product with fixes and enhancements.
  • I implemented new client systems.
    • I worked with clients in varied laboratory domains to document requirements.
    • I designed complex custom reports (medical test results, legal documents, internal worksheets).
    • I developed custom integrations and workflows (reading data from scientific instruments, billing Medicare, tracking biobank inventory).
  • I administrated and supported live client systems.
    • I was in daily contact with users, fixing issues and fulfilling new features and change requests.
    • I was entrusted to be the sole technician on support duty.

2015 – 2018

Integrations Developer at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is a gourmet candy and baked goods retailer based in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

  • I was solely responsible for all in-house development and integration.
    • I developed integrations and internal tools (linked order and inventory systems, integrated third-party marketing systems, automated data entry tasks).
    • I worked to transition website, warehouse, and retail away from legacy software.
    • I maintained and extended legacy systems with vendors and contractors.
  • I provided IT support, analyzed sales, trained managers, conducted interviews, audited billings, and performed warehouse labor.